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Kind of neat, though easy to game when you realize the AI doesn't change direction after the enemy spawns. Also, enemies take one too many hits before dying, I found myself getting irritated by how many shots guys took. Could be remedied if there were more guns that did more damage though.

Yeah, like I said, A LOT of place holder shit. What I was going for was "Try to get the audience hyped about this game!" followed by "Oh no! By succeeding, you made your life difficult!"

This was essentialy a Ludum Dare for me, since I didn't start until much later, so I might have figured more of that shit out. Also the first game I made since High School.

I went with the Ghost Shooter Tutorial for Construct 2 then expanded it from there, and that had 5 health for the baddies.

When I do later versions, I do plan on adding more questions and more features, so that will expand things in a unique way with new combinations.

New guns are on that list now, thank you!